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Tampa LoRaWAN being expanded for AMI and IoT solutions at scale

Tampa’s public LoRaWAN network is being expanded across the Bay metropolitan area by software and service provider Senet.

Europe’s electricity markets in 2030 – design options

Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E presents options for the design of the region’s electricity markets to meet 2030 climate objectives.

João Torres takes on new strategic advisory role in EDP

João Torres steps down as CEO of EDP’s distribution business E-REDES (formerly EDP Distribuição) for new global network role.

UK-EU Brexit agreement – energy sector business as usual

Under the UK-EU ‘Brexit’ trade and cooperation agreement little if any changes are anticipated to the evolution of the respective energy sectors.

Artificial intelligence tool to monitor Chile’s electric system

Artificial intelligence is to be introduced to support online monitoring of Chile’s National Electric System (SEN).

Decentralised or centralised renewables – options for Europe’s energy system

Decentralised or centralised renewables are the two scenarios proposed for the ongoing evolution of Europe’s network development plan.

Australian network operators and telcos to collaborate on emergency response

Energy Networks Australia (ENA) and the Communications Alliance have signed an MoU to better their emergency response.

Liander launches major grid expansions across the Netherlands

Netherlands utility Liander plans major electricity grid expansions across five regions in the country over the next ten years.
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SP Energy Networks launches 938MW flexibility call

SP Energy Networks has issued its largest call for flexibility services for Britain’s energy market.

The GRANTHAM protocol: an executive’s guide when considering blockchain

If you are involved in the future of energy, then you will have heard of blockchain, a decentralised technology that is offering the promise of transforming every aspect of our industry’s value chain, writes...