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gas utilities

$3.2 billion in investment anticipated in smart gas metering through 2019

Northeast Group forecast the global investment, excluding China, in smart gas metering to reach $3.2 billion in 2019.

Analytics proving a vital tool in revenue protection strategies

Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group, speaks about the importance of data and analytics in utility business strategies.
global sales

EV’s show significant benefits to ratepayers

As electric vehicle sales increase (81% over 2017), industry observers are finding additional benefits
smart electric meters

New report explores AMI rollout in 50 emerging markets

Northeast Group predicts that some 269 million smart meters will be deployed within 50 emerging markets by 2023.
smart grid

Smart grid development in the Middle East

Investing in innovation, smart technologies and digital operations has become one of the main utility focuses to fulfil energy transition and carbon emission reduction...
electric vehicle

Oceania to network 70% of streetlights by 2027

According to a new study by Northeast Group, Australia and New Zealand will invest up to $780 million in streetlights over the next decade.
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Philippines smart meter market presents sizable opportunity

CyanConnode has entered into a distribution agreement with Adtel to distribute smart metering RF network technology in the Philippines.
battery storage

South Korea plans battery storage project on reclaimed land

South Korea’s government is planning for 100MW of battery storage as part of a nearly 3GW hub of solar PV and wind on reclaimed land
Saudi smart meters

Smart meter replacements worth $12 billion by 2028

According to a new study conducted by Northeast Group, the smart metering "refresh" market will generate up to $12.2 billion over the next decade. The...
smart grid

Smart metering to cover 50% of South America’s smart grid...

Smart Energy International spoke with Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group, a smart infrastructure market intelligence firm based in Washington DC, to understand the...

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