utilities decarbonisation

Major US utilities, EPRI announce massive decarbonisation drive

The Electric Power Research Institute, Gas Technology Institute and several of the US' largest utilities have announced a five-year initiative to accelerate demonstration.
PG&E energy storage

New York to deploy first zinc-air battery – aims for low...

Zinc8 Energy Solutions to receive a project contribution of $2.55 ,illion from NYPA to deploy first use of zinc-air energy storage system in New York state.
data migration

NYPA enlists analytics experts to accelerate digital strategy

The New York Power Authority has awarded four‑year contracts, valued at up to $50 million, to ten firms with data analytics expertise.

State-of-the-art sensors to improve New York’s grid performance

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced funding for two groundbreaking programmes aimed at building a smarter, more responsive power grid across New York state. The...

NYPA announces multi-phase sensor deployment plan

The New York Power Authority has announced the first of a multi-phase sensor deployment programme that will incorporate new technologies to perform online monitoring...

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