solar energy

New York hits 3GW milestone for solar installations

The New York state government has announced that the region's portfolio of solar energy capacity has reached 3GW as the transition to renewable energy resources intensifies.
AVANGRID hydrogen

New York assesses role of green hydrogen in decarbonisation strategy

The New York State government has announced that it will explore the role green hydrogen can play in accelerating and ensuring its decarbonisation goals are met.

New York governor announces funding for carbontech innovation programme

There is a need to increase investments in technology R&D with the carbontech solutions market still in its infancy stage.

NYSERDA seeks European and global solutions to decarbonise buildings

is seeking to leverage energy efficiency and clean energy solutions developed by European and global companies to decarbonise its high-rise buildings.
clean transportation

New York State launches $85 million clean transportation initiative

The New York state government has unveiled an $85 million programme designed to accelerate the development of sustainable transport solutions under efforts to enhance the adoption of clean transportation and mobility

$10 million for new carbon-to-value initiative in New York State

The New York State government has unveiled a new programme to accelerate research, development and commercialisation of innovative carbon-capture technologies.

New York to expand renewables portfolio with new procurement scheme

New York state is launched a new programme, Competitive Tier 2, to accelerate its procurement of renewable energy capacity.
offshore wind training

New York to expand renewables workforce with new training institute

Launched by the State University of New York and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the Offshore Wind Training Institute will train some 2,500 workers.

Reactive power dispatch demonstrated in New York

New York utility Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) and Smarter Grid Solutions have run a reactive power dispatch demonstration.

NY Green Bank accelerates climate financing in record-setting quarters despite COVID-19

NY Green Bank has released its Quarterly Metrics Report, the institution has announced record-setting second and third quarters in 2020.