operational efficiency

Utility energy transition, career

Tools to help utilities adapt their business model to the energy...

As more countries work toward transitioning to a cleaner and more flexible grid, there is an increasingly urgent need for a clear set of utility business model tools and regulatory pathways to the transition to sustainability.
Badger meter

Building resilience in water systems

Imagine a time when water utilities have to enforce dramatic usage restrictions or even shut off water to millions of customers. Some California citizens are already experiencing that future with electricity. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen in the water sector?
Louisiana storms

This is not a drill!

Smart Energy International spoke to David Herlong, senior director of distribution at Florida Power & Light (FPL), about the utility’s storm preparations and the...

Finnish utility signs contract to boost efficiency of water network

In Central Finland, water utility Jyväskylä Energy Group has signed a three-year contract with TaKaDu to increase the visibility of its water network. As part...

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