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Smart meters for hot water system control in New South Wales community

Sydney electricity distributor Endeavour Energy and smart metering company Intellihub have launched the ‘Off Peak Plus’ programme to gain off-peak benefits.
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Battery storage use climbs 22% as heat waves scorch US says Enel X

According to data supplied by Enel X, energy storage resources are being used five times as much this year as they were last year to help reduce peak electricity demand across New York, California, Massachusetts and Ontario this summer, as heat waves scorch much of the US.
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UK research shows how smart homes can boost demand response

New research by Loughborough University reveals significant positive impacts of smart energy technologies in the home, including carbon reductions, energy bill savings, and improved system resilience.
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US utilities ready for a pandemic-stricken summer says NERC

US energy regulatory authority the NERC says the country is ready for an 'unprecedented summer' despite disruptions to preparations and the threat to the health and safety of critical industry workers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK utility shows balancing peak demand is all fun and games

Video games could be an answer to grid balancing – and prove highly beneficial to both power networks and households.
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Pole-mounted storage adds resilience to India’s DER efforts

Tata Power-DDL has joined PIXII to explore the use of distributed pole-mounted storage as a new means of ensuring grid reliability
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IPKeys streamlines demand response process for Con Edison

IPKeys announced that it has successfully streamlined the process for its NYC demand responses (DR) clients to access millions of dollars for clean back-up generator enablement. Robert Nawy, CEO IPKeys, said: "We are very pleased to...

EU’s demand response market worth $3.5 billion by 2025

A new study conducted by Frost & Sullivan forecasts Europe’s demand response market to propel to $3.5 billion by 2025. Factors including advances in ICT and availability of infrastructure to implement demand response programmes are...