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Enhancing the resilience of energy infrastructure using G3-PLC

Sumitomo Electric and TEPCO PG have jointly developed a remote monitoring system using G3-PLC communication for underground power transmission lines
utility modernisation

Arkossa, taking utilities to the next level

We help utilities to plan and deploy AMI systems cost-effectively in a framework of their internal and external (regulatory) requirements. Also, our specially designed tools enable us to perform efficient PLC smart meter reprogramming tasks.
Tauron Project

NES participates in Tauron’s smart city Wroclaw project expansion

Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid solution provider with the industry’s leading Patagonia Energy Applications Platform (EAP), is pleased to participate in Tauron’s 2019 smart metering expansion project in the city...

G3-PLC Alliance announces 6 new members

The G3-PLC Alliance has announced further growth in membership and welcomed six new members from across the globe in 2019.
Power Line Communications

E.ON smart lighting partnership can “make any building smart”

European energy giant E.ON has entered into a new partnership with EnModus, expanding the company’s Connected Energies division to include smart lighting services using EnModus’ technology, which it says can make any building smart. The...

Comanche Electric migrates from power line carrier system to nex-Gen AMI

Spanning seven counties, Comanche Electric Cooperative provides electricity for more than 9,000 customers in and around Comanche, Texas. While the vast Texas landscape serves as a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, it’s no walk in...
enterprise energy

Global smart electric meter market to reach $11.33 Billion by 2023

The smart electric meter market is projected to grow from an estimated $9.27 billion in 2018 to $11.33 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 4.11%, from 2018 to 2023. This is according to the...