power transformer

First digital twin of a power transformer to be created by...

The first power transformer digital twin should lead to improved lifecycle knowledge and management.

Portugal goes 52 days without coal – new record

Portugal has joined the UK in smashing records for days without coal power this year, with its Pego power plant suspending power production on 14 March. This follows Portugal’s other, much larger plant, Sines, halting operations 48 days earlier on 26 January.
EDP cyberattack

EDP hit by cyberattack – $10.9 million ransom ordered

Portuguese energy company Energias de Portugal (EDP) has been the victim of a RagnarLocker cyberattack.

Webinar recording: How analytics support Generg in ensuring wind turbines reach...

This presentation focuses on three strands of performance analysis of renewable assets provided by CGI’s Renewables Management System: Downtime Allocation, Power Curve Analysis, and Real-time detection of deviations from expected power.

How a Portuguese island has increased renewables portfolio by 50%

Danish energy equipment firm HowardScott and renewable energy investment firm Recharge A/S have partnered Wärtsilä and Graciolica to increase the use of renewable energy on Graciosa Island from 15% to 65%.
siemens senvion

Siemens buys bust Senvion’s onshore offerings, saves jobs

Siemens to buy three units of bankrupt wind turbine manufacturer Senvion.

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