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Webinar recording: The Digital Power Plant: How Digital Technologies Keep Power Generation Reliable in...

This panel discusses the impact this pandemic will have on future plans for digital technologies, will it accelerate or decelerate investment?

Few sectors of the European Energy Industry are changing as fast as the gas...

Biogas, synthetic gas, hydrogen and power-to-X technologies are taking the sector into exciting and uncharted waters – and that means someone needs to navigate and chart a course for the future - Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International
Teollisuuden Voima battery storage in Finland

New research highlights latest trends in global lead-acid battery market

The global stationary lead-acid battery market will record a 7% growth between 2018-2022.
power plants

E.ON unveils intelligent power plant initiative

E.ON has unveiled a new programme to optimise the operations of its power plants and grid network through automation of generation and supply processes. E.ON has launched IQ CHP. The intelligent Power Plant programme will...
GRID Alternatives

Using footsteps to generate off-grid power

Bank of the West, the US division of BNP Paribas, has completed the first of four exciting off-grid power projects aimed at showcasing the bank’s latest commitments to the environment and local communities. The...
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$2.20 trillion investment to impact utility 3Ds

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan announced the release of its Global Power Industry Outlook. The report forecasts solar and wind to dominate power generation additions through to 2021. The global power industry is expected...