power generation


Few sectors of the European Energy Industry are changing as fast...

Biogas, synthetic gas, hydrogen and power-to-X technologies are taking the sector into exciting and uncharted waters – and that means someone needs to navigate and chart a course for the future - Kelvin Ross, editor of Power Engineering International
lead batteries

New research highlights latest trends in global lead-acid battery market

The global stationary lead-acid battery market will record a 7% growth between 2018-2022.
power plants

E.ON unveils intelligent power plant initiative

E.ON has unveiled a new programme to optimise the operations of its power plants and grid network through automation of generation and supply processes. E.ON...
GRID Alternatives

Using footsteps to generate off-grid power

Bank of the West, the US division of BNP Paribas, has completed the first of four exciting off-grid power projects aimed at showcasing the...
Power industry

$2.20 trillion investment to impact utility 3Ds

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan announced the release of its Global Power Industry Outlook. The report forecasts solar and wind to dominate power generation...

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