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About Power Summit 2021 – Electric Decade

Date: 25 - 28 May 2021 Location: Online event Join the Electric Decade | Join the Power Summit CEOs, Ministers and high-level EU policy makers are all lined up to shed light on how to accelerate the uptake of...

The future of energy and consumer empowerment

Jorge González, CEO of Ormazabal, shares his thoughts on the most important changes in energy over the past two decades.

Europe’s ‘Electric Decade’ – the role of electricity companies

Electricity companies are pivotal to the delivery towards a net zero carbon economy with direct electrification the cornerstone.

‘Smart grids are vital’ – Schneider Electric’s Gary Lawrence

Gary Lawrence (Schneider Electric) on what he believes to be the most significant developments in the energy sector in the past 25 years and what is ahead of us.

Recent energy transitions point way to an ‘Electric Decade’ ahead

To mark the start of Eurelectric's Power Summit this week, Wytse Kaastra, Managing Director at Accenture - Utilities - Energy Transition Europe, talks about some of the most salient developments within power and utilities over the past 25 years.

Decarbonisation and electrification: Two sides of the same coin

Electrification and decarbonisation are two sides of the same coin and the urgency is on, writes Gael Glorieux.

Eurelectric Power Summit: Why the 2020s are the electric decade

Working towards a united goal makes global climate action effective, writes Eurelectric’s Pat O'Doherty.