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Smart lighting to top $38 billion in the next 6 years

Research and Markets projects that the global smart lighting market size will reach an estimated $38.68 billion by 2026.

Itron CEO Tom Deitrich at DISTRIBUTECH 2020: Predictions in the face of global challenges

Watch as Itron CEO Tom Deitrich clarifies the energy landscape, lays bare the potential opportunities facing the utility industry in the decade to come, and shares his predictions for 2020

2020: what to expect in the year ahead

We spoke with a number of industry leaders at the end of 2019 to get their thoughts on 2020. Watch the full interviews on SmartEnergyTV on YouTube.

Ed’s note: 2020 – what’s your prediction?

We love to start the New Year off with resolutions and predictions regarding the state of the things to come. As we start off this new year and new decade, we wanted to share with you some of the predictions we gathered from key industry leaders and professionals below:

2019 the year ahead

Smart Energy International presents you with a selection of predictions from some of the foremost industry thought leaders and influencers, each of whom shares their thoughts on what 2019 could have in store. Aurelio Blanquet,...
Ed's note, IBM predicting energy and utilities future

Ed’s note: 2020 predictions

It is hard to believe that we are literally on the doorstep to 2020. I thought it may be interesting to take a look at what 2020 was predicted to look like.