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The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020

Nominations are open to all projects and leaders within the public and private sectors, extending across power generation, transmission and distribution utilities, water utilities, independent power producers, and project developers.
: How PRIME Hybrid is solving (your) grid communication challenges

Episode #13: How PRIME Hybrid is solving your grid communication challenges

How do you tackle the issue of last mile communication? Experts from the PRIME Alliance share their insights about PRIME Hybrid solutions.

PRIME Alliance: BPL – A new paradigm shift for utilities

Corinex IoT BPL technology closely follows developments within the PRIME Alliance task force and is the first to implement standardisation requirements to address changes in the smart metering space.
Global Power & Energy Elites

Global Power & Energy Elites back with industry’s stand-out performers

“Every year we endeavour to highlight leaders and projects that challenge the status quo, are stand-out performers in their field and achieve incredible project milestones,”
Industry standards for smart meters are provided by PRIME Alliance

Podcast episode #10: The secret of reliable smart meter communication and standards

In this podcast episode, industry experts from the PRIME Alliance and Arkossa Smart Solutions discuss the secrets of reliable smart meter communication and the importance of industry standards. https://open.spotify.com/episode/4arjSnOqvZrofdY6CxLDtq?si=o-rSQlsOSVOcCt482tR1eA Christos Aslanidis (Senior Principal Engineer at...
grid operations; disaster recovery; powerline communication; smart grid

PRIME hybrid solution combines PLC and RF

PRIME Alliance is committed to dealing with the communication challenges of the smart grid for the low voltage (LV) network with interoperable and open technologies.

Smart metering evolution and questions about “quo vadis”

After almost two decades of large-scale smart meter rollouts and technology evolutions, the time has come to see where we are.
smart meters Romania

ADD Grup, Eximprod begin deliveries of 620,000 smart meters in Romania

ADD Grup and Eximprod Power Systems began deliveries under a contract for 620,000 smart meters for Distributie Energie Oltenia in Romania.

2020: what to expect in the year ahead

We spoke with a number of industry leaders at the end of 2019 to get their thoughts on 2020. Watch the full interviews on SmartEnergyTV on YouTube.

Energy industry 2020 predictions – Part 1

We asked a number of global energy industry experts for their predictions for 2020 at EUW and POWERGEN Europe recently. Here's what they had to say.

Broadening the use of PRIME Technology

Asiev Llano, Research and Development manager for ZIV PRIME ALLIANCE speaks about the future of low-voltage communications