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PRIME certification for Renesas Electronics’ flexible OFDM-based powerline communication platform

[img:PRIME.thumbnail.gif| ]Dusseldorf, Germany --- (METERING.COM) --- October 31, 2012 - PRIME Alliance certification has been awarded to semiconductor solution provider Renesas Electronics Europe’s software-configurable OFDM powerline communication platform.

The PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) narrowband powerline communications specification, supporting different modulation schemes and additional integrated functionality for high robustness, provides an open, flexible, standardized basis for multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility.

The Renesas PRIME solution provides further value to the user, featuring low power consumption, robustness enhancements, low overall BOM cost and a small PCB profile based on its high level of integration. The PRIME certification process also confirmed the excellent Rx sensitivity level of the Renesas solution.

The platform is based on a highly integrated narrowband modem system-on-chip (uPD809504), integrating a MAC controller and high performance DSP for physical layer (PHY) implementation, combined with embedded analog front end (AFE) that includes an adaptive gain amplifier with AGC functions and an embedded AES128 hardware security engine.

Smart homes: regulation and the market

[img:Ed%20Butler_0.jpg|Ed Butler,
Conference Producer,
]Ed Butler, Conference Producer, Synergy

“In failing to plan, then you plan to fail.” So goes the well-worn adage widely ascribed to Benjamin Franklin. Such trite phrases have a habit on falling on deaf ears. But, its application to the smart home agenda exposes serious shortfalls and raises some interesting questions. The all too familiar story of the Mr Blogs driving home from work whilst simultaneously arranging the lighting, closing the curtains, putting the kettle on and running a bath for the Mrs never fails to stoke the enthusiasm of its readers. Yet those same accounts consistently fail to explain quite how this scenario might ever be realized.

PRIME Alliance reports progress on 500 kHz extensions

[img:PRIME.thumbnail.gif| ]Brussels, Belgium --- (METERING.COM) --- May 29, 2012 - The PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) Alliance has reported progress in work on the extension to 500 kHz band, as well as on other activities.

The PRIME FCC bands will span from 40-490 kHz with a data rate of 980 kbps maximum. The same approach applied to the current PRIME specification (v1.3.6) will be taken but extended to other bands, focussing on an outcome of the same technology interoperability, with support for multiple bands.

Smart Utilities Central & Eastern Europe is taking off

Smart Utilities Central & Eastern Europe 2012 is taking place in less than 2 weeks. Can you afford not to be there?

Key energy figures, the likes of Krzyszt of Gierulski of the European Commission, Pavel Cyrani of CEZ, Marek Wasowski of the Smart Grids Power Consortium Poland and Ilario Tito of ENEL, will be debating the accelerating trends shaping CEE’s smart energy future. And you can be part of it!

Iberdrola shows off Castellón smart grid

[img:iberdrola_logo_0.gif| ]Castellón, Spain --- (METERING.COM) --- March 30, 2012 - Twenty electricity utilities from 16 countries have converged in Castellón to view Iberdola’s smart metering and smart grid deployment.

The visit was carried out together with the collaboration of the PRIME Alliance, which is focused on developing open technology solutions and systems for intelligent networks based on powerline communications.

Iberdrola to acquire 1 million PRIME smart meters

[img:iberdrola_logo_0.gif| ]Bilbao, Spain --- (METERING.COM) --- January 23, 2012 - Spanish utility Iberdrola has launched an RFP to acquire 1 million smart meters based on the PRIME powerline communications standard, for deployment between March 2012 and February 2013 as part of its ambitious plan to deploy 11 million smart meters by 2018.

Following the successful result of the 100,000 meter smart grid pilot in the city of Castellon, Iberdrola is currently deploying 300,000 smart meters in 12 different locations. The aim is to extend the Castellon experience to all the geographical regions where Iberdrola operates in the country, while applying smart operational procedures to the entire value chain of the distribution activity.

Narrowband powerline communications standards approved by ITU

[img:Hamadoun-Toure.thumbnail.jpg|Hamadoun Touré,
Secretary General,
]Geneva, Switzerland --- (METERING.COM) --- January 3, 2012 - The G.9955 and G.9956 next generation narrowband powerline communications (PLC) standards that will enable cost effective smart grid applications have been approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and are available for download.

New certification for PLC communications

[img:HPA.thumbnail.jpg| ]October 6, 2011 - The HomePlug(R) Powerline Alliance, the world's leading industry group for powerline communications, today announced the launch of a new certification and marketing program, Netricity(TM) Powerline Communications (PLC). The program will promote adoption and provide compliance and interoperability testing of products built on the IEEE 1901.2 Low-Frequency Narrow-Band PLC standard.

PRIME Alliance expands scope on end-to-end security, IPv6 and DLMS-COSEM

[img:miguel_angel_0.jpg|Miguel A. Sanchez
Fornie, Chairman,
PRIME Alliance
]Madrid, Spain --- (METERING.COM) --- September 30, 2011 - The PRIME Alliance has announced that IPv6 is now supported as a convergence layer over PRIME MAC and PHY layers, opening the way for vendors and utilities to develop and deploy PRIME IPv6-based smart metering solutions.

Up until now, IPv4 and IEC 61334-4-32 were supported.

Technalia certifies Fujitsu Semiconductor PRIME compliance of its PRIME SoC-based solution

[img:PowerlineP_0.jpg| ]November 23, 2010 - Equipment from Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) has successfully completed the certification process defined by the PRIME Alliance Certification Task Group. The MB87S2080 with the related PRIME software stack is now certified as entirely compliant with PRIME specifications.

PRIME is a new worldwide narrow band Powerline Communication technology based on OFDM that provides up to 128Kbps communications for smart grid applications.

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