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community solar

Repsol launches household solar energy sharing initiative

Spanish energy major Repsol has launched Solmatch, the first large solar community solution in Spain which allows homeowners to host and provide power to consumers within their local community.
EU energy future

How standards are evolving in the world of smart

As the European Energy industry continues to progress down the road of further deregulation, driven by policy decisions from the EU Commission, it opens some interesting opportunities to take a fresh look at the relationship between consumer/prosumer and utility.
Monarch Partnership

UK initiative offers businesses free solar self-generation – with a catch

Monarch Partnership is offering UK organisations and businesses free solar panels as part of a new scheme to feed prosumer-generated grid supply.
virtual power plant

E.ON launches “first” UK solar buy-back scheme

E.ON UK will be buying energy from customers who export excess solar power to the grid, in an offer they claim to be a UK first. The prosumer scheme, called the ‘Solar Reward’ programme, will pay...

Blockchain to shape new trends in energy trading

New report highlights the impact of prosumerism and distributed energy on the energy transaction landscape.