Renewable energy funding

Spain wind power

US offshore renewables get biggest budget boost to-date

US President Donald Trump has proposed the largest budget allocation for offshore renewable energy in the US to-date.
renewable energy capacity

US remains on China’s heels in the race to sustainability

Overall renewable energy capacity investment figures for 2019 saw wind (onshore and offshore) beat solar on with $138.2 billion globally

China announces a massive drop in renewables subsidisation

Chin’s Finance Minister has announced that subsidisation of renewable energy will be reduced by as much as a third in 2020.
array technologies

Spain’s Balearic Islands get solar funding spike

IDAE has announced that 55 solar projects, totalling 326 MW, have qualified for funding under the first round of the SOLBAL programme
France wave energy

EU funding sees Minesto and EDF dive into wave energy in...

Minesto have received approximately €2.4 million EU funding to develop a tidal energy site in France.
green bond market

Utility issues Ireland’s first green bond

Electricity Supply Board has issued it’s first public green bond, which will generate €500 million for the development of a number of sustainable projects
clean energy competition

Vertpom combines green energy goals with financial assets

Vertpom is CIAC IT’s leading global solution which combines green energy goals (Decarbonized territory and Green French Tech) and financial assets (Innovation Partnership Contract). Vertpom means:...

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