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Grid management

US’ NREL launches ‘industry-shifting’ DER management software

A new solution by the US' National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), called OptGrid "has industry-shifting potential to help manage today’s increasingly distributed energy infrastructure" according to the agency.

PGE to trial 4MW residential virtual power plant

Portland General Electric Company (PGE) has announced a pilot program that will incentivise the installation and connection of 525 residential energy storage batteries to form a 4MW virtual power plant (VPP).
Saudi arabia vanadium redox

Deal concludes for Saudi Arabian GW-scale vanadium redox battery facility

The JV will see the partners produce Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB) through the jointly-formed Advance Energy Storage System Investment Company.
India renewable

US DoE releases renewable energy injection guide for all

India decided to work with USAID and NREL to develop a comprehensive grid integration study that can help other nations fast-track their renewables development.
digital transformation

Ready for the digital tipping point

Pete Davies of Uniper Technologies tells Kelvin Ross how digital solutions are impacting the conventional power sector.

India: power for all almost accomplished… Now for the energy transition

Renewable integration, e-mobility, and the future of the Indian subcontinent’s energy transition. These were the subjects under the intense scrutiny of the POWERGEN India and Indian Utility Week advisory board.

Cracking codes for renewable integration

The German demonstrator within the EU-SysFlex project has designed a process to include decentralised power sources as flexibilities for solving congestions to ensure smooth and flexible RES integration into the grid.

Our challenge: The integration of renewables on the electricity grid

European Utility Week 2019 puts the spotlight on SMILE projects. Interview with Maxime Gillaux, Brittany regional director at Enedis. On a daily basis, Maxime manages smart grid and telecom projects.

“Our challenge: facilitating the integration of renewables on the grid”

In this interview we hear from Maxime Gillaux, regional director for Brittany at Enedis. Maxime manages smart grid and telecom projects on a daily basis.
Wind Europe

Can wind energy make the power industry happy?

Frequency control and grid connection requirements were the recurrent topics at the recent Wind Integration Workshop in Dublin.