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Ed’s note: The long Sunday, consumers and technology

What impact has a move to remote working had on domestic energy bills? How does this impact utility business and what does this mean for digitalisation and the adoption of technology? Editor Claire Volkwyn is contemplating these questions in her latest ed's note.

Ed’s note: Questioning the moratoria on disconnections

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, utility companies were quick to reassure consumers that there would not be disconnections for non-payment of bills.
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Manage non-technical losses

Unpaid bills, electricity theft and meter tampering have challenged utilities since the installation of the first electricity meters. Now the market, facing enormous business challenges, is actively seeking some form of transformation to ensure sustainability.

Adopting a holistic and data driven approach to non-technical losses

Today I see many utilities tackling fraud in a very siloed way - running specific teams that focus on specific processes, backed up with...

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