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power sector and weather

Three barriers to India’s power sector resilience and how to address them

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute explores the resilience of the Indian power sector to climate change and provides recommendations on how to build a secure and reliable grid.
grid decarbonisation

How corporates’ renewables procurement strategies aid grid decarbonisation

RMI and Microsoft explore corporates' renewable energy procurement strategies and the role they can play in the decarbonisation of the grid.
building codes

Buildings are big polluters: here’s the path to their decarbonisation.

RMI and the NBI to ensure the development of new energy efficiency and building codes is in line with the Paris Agreement climate targets.

Energy Web, RMI, AIR partner on green blockchain action

The Crypto Climate Accord has been launched as an initiative for the crypto community to decarbonise the cryptocurrency industry.

Top seven investment areas crucial for China’s zero-carbon transition

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute has identified some seven key investment areas vital for China to achieve its transition to zero-carbon emissions.
green banks

Study finds increase in green banks and importance in low-carbon finance

A survey conducted to understand the impacts of green banks has found rapid growth in their numbers and importance in low carbon finance.

New concept to help Chinese cities achieve carbon peaking and neutrality goals

RMI provides recommendations on how cities in China can achieve carbon emissions reduction goals set by the government.
covid-19 climate change

Six key ways Sub-Saharan Africa can address COVID-19 and climate change

A new report highlights six key ways governments in Sub-Saharan Africa can address the impacts of COVID-19 and climate change.
green banks

New partnership to explore current and future impacts of green banks

Clean energy, finance and environmental organisations have embarked on an initiative to review the current and future impact of green banks.
Climate Adaptation

Five ways regional governments can limit the effects of climate change

A new handbook released by the Rocky Mountain Institute highlights five transformative actions regional governments can adopt to limit the effects of climate change.