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Californian utilities to modernise solar Net Energy Metering programme

Three major US utilities have plans to upgrade a 25-year old solar energy programme for consumers in California.
battery energy storage

Southern California Edison expands battery storage capacity with 590MW deals

Southern California Edison has signed long-term contracts for four projects totaling 590MW of battery energy storage resources.

Incentive programme pays utility customers $300,000 during heatwave

California-based clean energy programme OhmConnect paid out over $300,000 in incentives in just one day, to users who responded to the company's call California Independent System Operator's (CAISO) Flex Alert on Friday, 14 August.

California heat wave causes demand spike and rolling blackouts

Record high temperates have been sweeping across California causing utility companies to institute rolling blackouts affecting more than 410,000 homes and businesses over the past weekend.
solar grid

SCE and Opus One partner for California’s first customer-owned DER pilot

Canada's Opus One Solutions has announced an agreement with Southern California Edison to create “interoperable distributed control architecture”.
energy storage

SCE signs up 770 MW in battery storage PPAs to go online 2021

Southern California Edison has taken a historic step forward to adding battery storage capacity to integrate with renewables and replace gas-fired power generation in its electricity mix.
wildfire season

SCE to begin line insulation work in California despite pandemic, lockdown

Southern California Edison (SCE), will begin insulating power lines in Valencia in preparation for the wildfire season. The work has been deemed critical and the utility said the crews will practice physical distancing during while doing the installations.
Li-ion battery

SCE selects partner for four storage capacity projects in pipeline

esVolta has been selected by Southern California Edison Company to deliver a series of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems