energy storage system

Gravitricity set to pilot new gravity-based energy storage technology

Edinburgh-based start-up Gravitricity has signed a land rental agreement with Forth Ports to build their first demonstrator on land within the Port of Leith. Works is set to begin on the £1 million ($1.22 million) project in October, with plans for operations to begin in December.
wind leasing round

Macquarie GIG and RIDG partner for new Scottish wind leasing round

Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) and Scottish offshore wind developer Renewable Infrastructure Development Group (RIDG) will partner to compete in ScotWind - the next round of seabed leasing for offshore wind development off the Scottish coast, due to be launched by Crown Estate Scotland.
Scotland wave energy

Work starts on new Scottish wave energy prototype

Work has begun on a 30-tonne wave machine which will take to the seas this Autumn. Fife-based fabricators AJS Production Ltd will begin fabrication of the 20-metre long Blue Star wave energy converter, designed by Edinburgh start-up Mocean Energy.
ceramic fuel cell

New discovery set to revolutionise ceramic fuel cell technology

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen have discovered a new family of chemical compounds that could revolutionise fuel cell technology and help reduce global carbon emissions.
Africa renewable energy

Scottish investors power £15 million in African solar & a wee...

More than 200 Scottish investors have contributed to the £15 million invested since 2017 to help African communities gain access to clean energy, and boost efforts in the fight against climate change.
Wave energy

New wave convertor to be installed off Scottish coast

Malin has won the contract, offered by AWS Ocean Energy, to install a half-size version of their Archimedes Wavesing power generator.
Scotland net zero budget

Scotland to boost net-zero transition with £1.8 billion budget allocation

Investing in Scotland’s contribution to climate change is at the heart of the Scottish Government’s tax and spending plans for the year ahead according to the country’s 2020-21 budget.
climate emergency

Scottish gov. awards £170k in AI funding to tackle climate crisis

The Scottish Government has awarded a total of £170,000 to six applicants that will use AI to help tackle the global climate emergency.

Scotland needs to invest £3.6 billion per annum to meet 2045...

A new report highlights how much investments is required to be made by the Scottish government to meet 2045 climate change goals.
renewables Training

UK launches Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence

The UK's Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult has launched it's Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence to accelerate the development of next-generation offshore wind technologies.

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