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Orkney flexibility marketplace pilot wraps up

GB blockchain pioneer Electron has reported achieving a “first-of-its-kind” local flexibility marketplace on Orkney.

USEF flexibility market launched in GB

GB network operator SP Energy Networks’ Project Fusion has launched the country’s first fully functioning Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF) flexibility market.

Game theory model for investment in low carbon energy systems

Game theory offers a new approach for optimising investments involving multiple players in an integrated low carbon energy system, GB researchers find.

SMILE trials smart metering in health monitoring of elderlies

University of Edinburgh researchers are investigating the potential for smart meters to spot health related incidents in the elderly and people with disabilities.

AI-controlled hydrogen storage under demonstration

UK hydrogen storage provider H2GO Power is leading trialling of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) software coupled with hydrogen technology.

First green hydrogen heating network gets go ahead in Scotland

Scottish and Southern Gas Networks (SGN) has been given the go ahead to demonstrate green hydrogen heating in customers’ homes.

First continuous green hydrogen due out of Scotland

The world's first continuous green hydrogen production is planned from vanadium flow batteries combined with tidal power.

Wind, hydro secured for network flexibility on Scottish isle

Wind and hydro have been secured for flexibility in a first of its type contract by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

Work on Edinburgh gravity energy storage demonstrator under way

Gravitricity’s novel £1 million gravity energy storage system has moved a step closer to its planned early 2021 trial
new energy investment

SSE to spend £4 million daily on new energy projects

Scottish firm SSE plc has confirmed a £7 billion investment in major low-carbon construction projects over the next five years - equating to a daily spend of £4 million pounds.