Smart utility cuts leaks by 40% and field budget by $8,000

The City of Safford has partnered with Sensus to improve the efficiency of utility operations and customer services.
long beach

City of Long Beach gets rid of 80 truck rolls per-day...

the City of Long Beach partnered with Sensus to provide resilient connectivity to more than 156,000 advanced gas meters

US DoE awards funding for development of cybersecurity “fabric”

The US DOE has awarded Xage Security with a grant to senhance its blockchain-protected security fabric for infrastructure protection.
Utility Blockchain

Centralized vs. blockchain: A head-to-head comparison of storage requirements

Three producers of residual heat deliver to an energy wholesaler. The wholesaler is the network owner and, as such, the administrator tasked with ensuring that the producers are paid according to how much energy is delivered. To facilitate this, the wholesaler monitors and registers each producer’s energy input.

Seal Rock reduces non-revenue losses – below state benchmark

Seal Water Rock District has reduced its non-revenue water by 12% by deploying an advanced metering infrastructure.

Key takeaways from data science in water industry report

Black & Veatch has released the results of a study conducted to understand the role of data science in the operations of water utilities.
Advanced metering

Florida municipal-utility records 1 billion gallons of water in AMI benefits

JEA has saved one billion gallons of measurable water since implementing an advanced metering infrastructure in 2013.

Pacific Power rolls out smart meters to eastern Oregon

Pacific Power is installing smart meters to residential and business customers in Eastern Oregon, replacing thousands of aging electric meters throughout the spring and summer.
smart meter rollout

Ohio cooperative migrates from one meter read to 3,000 per month

Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative is deploying an AMI solution and distribution automation capabilities to cut down grid operation costs.
Solar panel prices

The days of affordable solar panels are numbered – here’s why

The rising demand for solar panels is driving up silver prices globally. That’s the consensus from a new study by researchers from the University of Kent, and they say the days of affordable solar panels may be numbered.

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