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New French academy to address skills gap in EU battery industry

With the French battery industry expected to expand over the coming years, there is an increasing need to address the shortage of engineers.

Utility workforce unprepared for a digitized energy future

Power and utility executives foresee seismic changes in the sector over the next few years, with many agreeing they lack the proper planning on how to proceed or prepare.

‘No one will be left behind’ in Europe’s Just Transition

Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General of EDSO, says that evolving energy employees in an increasingly digital world must be an inclusive transition.
AI i

Ed’s note: In the age of AI, are we forgetting the humans?

IBM released a report in September about which I have such mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel excited about the possibilities, and on the other, I am alarmed and trying to understand...
South Africa EV

Skills shortages in South Africa

Roula Inglesi-Lotz, associate professor, Department of Economics, University of Pretoria and president of the South African Association for Energy Economics (SAAEE), discusses skills shortages in the sector.

Sector needs multidisciplinary skills to ensure progress

Exclusive interview with Roula Inglesi-Lotz, Associate Professor, Dept Economics, University of Pretoria and President of the South African Association for Energy Economics (SAAEE), talks about skills shortages in the sector.

Schneider Electric ZA expands Access to Education training programme

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa has signed a statement of intent with Schneider Electric South Africa to expand the company's Access to Education programme. The programme will focus...