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City of Utica deploys smart street lighting and energy efficiency project with NYPA

In the US state of New York, utility NYPA has announced the completion of a smart street lighting and energy efficiency programme with the City of Utica.

MATILDA demonstrates 5G smart lighting system

A 5G end-to-end services operational framework has been demonstrated in an intelligent lighting system for smart cities in project MATILDA.
smart street lighting

Investments in smart street lighting to hit $28.1 billion by 2029

Smart street lighting continues to show steady growth, with large-scale projects now underway in almost all regions of the world.
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Itron a big player in $8.3 billion global smart street lighting market

Guidehouse Insights has named Itron, Telensa and Signify as the leading smart street lighting vendors. The three companies have strong product portfolios that are recognised in the market as being reliable, mature, and of high-quality. Ryan...
London Smart City

City of London smart city initiative

The City of London Corporation’s next step into Smart City IoT, a 12,000-unit smart street lighting deployment, was launched to the media in November 2019 at the Corporation’s head offices at the Guildhall.
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Nigeria trialling solar street lights in Lagos

In Nigeria, the Lagos State Government has commenced testing the use of solar-powered traffic lights in a bid to tackle the lack of electricity for traffic control, which caused congestion in the state.
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The urban trend of smart streetlights

smart city development has become a truly global market, with significant activity in all regions and most countries, according to Navigant Research’s 2019 Smart City Tracker. New projects show continued investment in open data...

Dunedin selects supplier to deliver smart street lighting

Dunedin City Council has selected Telensa to upgrade it's streetlighting network.
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Smart street lights, communication and the road to smart cities

Nicholas Nhede examines how smart street lighting projects are being deployed as part of broader smart city initiatives in Australia, with a specific focus on how cities have initiated rollouts of the required infrastructure.

Northeast names Itron a leader in smart streetlights networking

Itron has been named by Northeast Group as a leader in deployed and publicly awarded smart streetlight communications projects.