Southern California Edison

SCE energy storage

SCE signs up 770 MW in battery storage PPAs to go...

Southern California Edison has taken a historic step forward to adding battery storage capacity to integrate with renewables and replace gas-fired power generation in its electricity mix.
wildfire season

SCE to begin line insulation work in California despite pandemic, lockdown

Southern California Edison (SCE), will begin insulating power lines in Valencia in preparation for the wildfire season. The work has been deemed critical and the utility said the crews will practice physical distancing during while doing the installations.
electric vehicle battery

The electrification of the transport sector

Utilities around the world are considering how they will manage demand of an increasingly electrified world. Across the globe moves are afoot to drive,...
hudson valley

Southern California Edison ranked number 1 in solar adoption

The Smart Electric Power Alliance has ranked Southern California Edison (SCE) as number one in battery storage adoption and number two in providing solar...

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