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Southern California invites tenders for energy storage solutions

The Southern California Public Power Authority is calling for tenders for renewable energy resources and energy storage solutions. Deadline to submit proposals: 31 December 2018 12.00 PM Telephone: (626) 793-9364 E-mail: renewablesrfp@scppa.org Subscribe to tenders service For more details on this tender and the...
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RQF: Renewable energy resources and energy storage solutions

The Southern California Public Power Authority has invited tenders for renewable energy resources and energy storage solutions. Notes: For general questions, please call the SCPPA offices or email clarification questions regarding this rfp to the...
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The age of energy storage?

If Californian regulators give their approval, the site of a natural-gas power plant at Moss Landing, could be the site of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery project by late 2020. The 300MW battery facility will...