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Enel-Codensa advances street lighting upgrade in Bogotá

Colombian utility Enel-Codensa has reported the modernisation of more than 5,000 street lighting luminaires with LED technology so far this year in Bogotá
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Nigeria trialling solar street lights in Lagos

In Nigeria, the Lagos State Government has commenced testing the use of solar-powered traffic lights in a bid to tackle the lack of electricity for traffic control, which caused congestion in the state.
Lightwell, CENT-R

Multifunctional street lighting application launched in Rotterdam

The Dutch city of Rotterdam and innovative developer Lightwell have made the city of the future a thing of today with the launch of CENT-R. This multifunctional and modular device is to become the standard...
smart streetlights

The urban trend of smart streetlights

smart city development has become a truly global market, with significant activity in all regions and most countries, according to Navigant Research’s 2019 Smart City Tracker. New projects show continued investment in open data...
smart street lighting Australia

Smart street lights, communication and the road to smart cities

Nicholas Nhede examines how smart street lighting projects are being deployed as part of broader smart city initiatives in Australia, with a specific focus on how cities have initiated rollouts of the required infrastructure.

SEI Insights #4: Smart street lighting

Smart Energy International explores smart street lighting and the global movement to add connectivity and communication to this element of the distribution utility equation. Watch the video by clicking on the graphic above and discover...
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Smart street lighting strengthens role of utility in smart city landscape

The link between utilities and smart cities is strengthening as utilities around the world start rolling out smart lighting applications.

LED street lighting programme saves 4,700 million units of energy

Andhra Pradesh has been recognised at the national level for its efforts in implementing the LED Street Lighting National Programme (SLNP).
Hong kong

Multi-purpose street lamps deployed in Hong Kong

ST Engineering has been selected as a partner in implementing an energy efficient lighting and smart city pilot in Hong Kong. The firm will provide infrastructure that includes multi-purpose lamp posts for installation in Kowloon...