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Submetering. Different perspective

Taking actions is what moves modern society; development is the motivation for the movement and technology is the trigger. The metering industry is no exception. It’s time to say Au revoir to mechanical meters...

Adderra – submetering solution

The purpose behind the existence of the European Union is the improvement of the socio-demographic levels of living for all its citizens. The EU is constantly trying to overcome the existing poverty in its...

Sub-metering solutions from Diehl Metering

A new movie from Diehl Metering is now available that shows you how to effectively overcome the various challenges in sub-metering with smart solutions. Since residents of multi-party houses consume different amounts of water and heating,...
PD Ports

PD Ports boosts sustainability and cost savings with automatic metering

PD Ports is using sub-meters to measure and monitor energy data from 15 electricity substations and switch rooms of its Teesport estate.
BTC City

BTC City Ljubljana selects Solvera Lynx to optimise water and energy use

In Slovenia, BTC City Ljubljana implemented an integrated energy and water management system developed by Solvera Lynx. BTC City Ljubljana is a 475,000 square meter business, shopping, entertainment and recreation center comprising 56 facilities. Solvera Lynx...