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Tesla eyes energy trading market opportunity

Tesla is looking for the market expertise to build a new team focussed on energy trading and market operations.
Dominion Energy energy storage

Tesla batteries to be used in UK’s ‘largest’ energy storage site

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures will use Tesla Megapack batteries to develop its 99MW/198MWh Clay Tye energy storage system in Essex.

Tesla eyes electricity retail business in Texas

Tesla has filed an application with the Texas Public Utility Commission to become a retail electricity provider in the state.

Blockchain nickel supply agreement for Tesla batteries

Tesla is partnering with Australian mining giant BHP on the nickel battery supply chain while also switching some production to iron.

Batteries in homes without solar – South Australia to test their power

Batteries are to be installed in 20 South Australian homes to test their potential as a virtual power plant (VPP).

Bitcoin miners propose to standardise energy reporting

North American bitcoin miners have agreed to form the Bitcoin Mining Council to promote energy usage transparency.

Vermont utility balances regional grid with consumers’ Tesla batteries

Green Mountain Power announced that it is using consumer onsite batteries to ensure the reliability of the New England regional grid network.
tesla megapack

TransGrid, Iberdrola and Tesla partner on massive grid-scale battery project

TransGrid is partnering with Tesla and Infigen Energy to develop and grid-connected lithium battery energy storage plant in western Sydney.

Tesla battery updates – what they mean for the energy sector

Lower battery prices, more sustainable batteries and cheaper electric vehicles are some of the prospects from Elon Musk’s Tesla Battery Day announcements.
Virtual power plant

Tesla developing Australia’s largest virtual power project

ARENA has issued A$8.2 million in funding for the development of what is claimed to be the largest virtual power plant in the country.