Looking towards Australia’s post-2025 energy market

Proposals for a comprehensive redesign of Australia’s energy market are set out in two new consultation papers.

“Flexibility” and the importance of TSO – DSO information sharing

The increasing penetration of distributed energy resources and the emergence of new market players - such as prosumers, aggregators and active consumers - will usher in a new era of grid management.

The importance of digitalisation and the role of TSOs in the...

Signe Horn Rosted, Director of Business and Markets at Energinet discusses the role of data and digitalisation to accelerate the energy transition.
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Cooperation is the most important mandate

Digitisation represents a real opportunity for utilities, says Olivier Grabette, vice CEO of French TSO, RTE, in an interview with Smart Energy...
California energy efficient

California ISO approves new transmission plan in PG&E territory

The California Independent System Operator board of governors approved the 2018-2019 Transmission Plan, and measures to allow the grid operator to procure additional energy during times of special reliability needs.

California ISO board acts to bring generation and storage projects online

The California Independent System Operator has approved policy changes for generation and storage projects during the electric grid interconnection process.

Encouraging women to leadership roles in transmission and distribution

The attendees of the Power Women networking breakfast at DistribuTECH 2019 were able to gain inspiration and insight from several strong women who are proven leaders.
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A sensor and data-driven future for French TSO RTE

Smart Energy International spoke with Jean Pompee, Director of R&D – Smart Grids, for French TSO, RTE recently. With nearly 105,000km of lines, RTE’s...

NYPA and EPRI collaborate on drone inspection project

NYPA partnered with EPRI to investigate and evaluate automated inspection and image processing capabilities using drones

Collaboration is the way forward for DSOs and TSOs

Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director, European Utility Week interviewed  Peter Hermans, CTO of STEDIN regarding digitalisation and “democratising energy” and explains the vision and the future...

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