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Smart Cities

With the implementation of smart lighting, electric vehicle integration and charging and wifi hubs across cities, utilities are well positioned to utilise the existing SCADA, metering and geophysical data at its disposal to integrate...

Quantum computing shows potential for power system fault analysis

A quantum computing-based deep learning framework for power system fault diagnosis has been proposed by Cornell researchers.
Grid enhancing technologies – the ‘shared savings’ option for the US

Grid enhancing technologies – the ‘shared savings’ option for the US

A ‘shared savings’ incentive scheme proposed to advance grid enhancing technologies in the US appears to be gathering momentum.

Duquesne Light pilots dynamic line rating to improve reliability

Duquesne Light Company has partnered with LineVision to install no-contact sensors on several transmission towers across its service territory.

Ample to grow EV battery swapping

San Francisco based electric vehicle (EV) battery swapping venture Ample has raised $160 million in its latest funding round.

Solar PV has potential to power indoor smart devices

New research has shown that commonly available solar PV technology used indoors can power building IoT devices.

Portland State to lead Pacific Northwest cyber threat initiative

Researchers at Portland State University (PSU) has been awarded a $2 million National Security Agency (NSA) grant to address regional cybersecurity issues.

PGE upgrades smart grid timing and synchronisation technology

Portland General Electric (PGE) is deploying connectivity solution provider ADVA’s Oscilloquartz positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solution.
The race for US utilities to decarbonise

Ed’s note: The race to decarbonise utilities

There is more than one way for US utilities to reach their 2050 net-zero goals, writes guest editor Rod Walton.

Digital twins for energy modelling of US buildings

Digital models of the 129 million buildings across the US are now available for owners for energy management purposes.

US: 50% electric vehicle sale share by 2030

New targets for clean transport in the US have been delivered in an Executive Order signed by President Joe Biden.