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Smart Cities

With the implementation of smart lighting, electric vehicle integration and charging and wifi hubs across cities, utilities are well positioned to utilise...

Ed’s note: Surviving election cycles

As the United States presidential race hots up, and various policy adjustments are proposed, editor Claire Volkwyn has a question: How do you ensure climate change policy remains in place especially after a change in administration?
US energy transition

Local governments lead the US energy transition says RMI

US local governments have signed 335 deals to procure a total of 8.28GW of renewable energy since 2015, according to the Local Government Renewables Action Tracker.
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Ed’s note: Step aside US/China – there’s a new leader in...

The increasing tension between the US and China has been a discussion point in the news across all parts of the world...

Warren’s $3 trillion climate change plan

White House candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren has put forward what is said to be "one of the most aggressive, detailed and wide-ranging plans for combating climate change," according to the MIT Technology Review.
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Transitioning from a grey to green economy

Major announcements by government and private sector leaders at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York have boosted climate action...
grid modernisation, Washington DC, Recipient of the LEED for cities Platinum award

DC Commission’s proceedings create detailed grid modernisation actions

By: Jared Leader and Robert Tucker After an important 1942 victory that helped turn the tide during World War II,...
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Augmented reality is key to transforming utility operations

Augmented reality (AR) and its variants; virtual reality, assisted reality and mixed reality, are set to take off in a big way and offers to bring in new value to the energy sector, says data and analytics company, GlobalData.

Major global projects now have direct access to US capital markets

Sydney-based Crossway Capital is making direct access to the US capital markets available to major projects worldwide. Their Insurance Wrapped Project Finance (IWPF) programme...
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Growth of the EV market in the US and Europe

Metering & Smart Energy International spoke with Preston Roper, chief operating and marketing officer for eMotorWerks, a division of Italian utility ENEL, to understand...

Guam to receive energy efficient military base to accommodate troops

The military plans to build a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient Marine Corps base on Guam to accommodate the thousands of Marines who will be relocating to...

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