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smart grid

Smart grid development in Brazil and South American counterparts

This week, we continue with our focus on smart grid development in Latin America. We spoke with analysts from research firm Frost & Sullivan to understand the landscape. María H. Mistrorigo Benintende - Senior Industry Analyst...
smart grid development

Smart grid development in South America

Smart Energy International spoke with Ben Gardner, president of smart infrastructure market intelligence firm Northeast Group; Patricio G. Donato, researcher with Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council; and Frost & Sullivan’s María H....
smart grid development

Smart grid developments in Latin America, Navigant Research insights

This week, we start a series of feature articles providing insights on smart grid development, challenges faced and parties involved in Latin America. We spoke with analyst from various energy market research firms to understand...

About Utility Brazil Forum & Expo 2018

Date: 23-24 October 2018 Venue: Santo Amaro, São Paulo Website WHAT IS UTILITY BRAZIL The Utility Brazil - the meeting place of electricity, water and gas utilities, as well as the national and international companies that provide energy related...