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New vehicle-to-grid integration technology options in Europe and US

New partnerships will see vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology provider Nuvve’s infrastructure expanded in Europe and the US.

Managing grid integration of electric vehicles

European transmission system operators consider electromobility as a “powerful resource” for decarbonisation and energy system flexibility.

Bus-2-grid to launch in London

The first electric bus-to-grid project is gearing up to launch at the Northumberland Park bus depot in northeast Greater London.

Blockchain technologies set to help grow electric vehicle adoption

A new blockchain solution out of Canada is aimed to grow electric vehicle (EV) adoption by reducing the transactional costs.
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First blockchain-based EV grid integration standard released

Honda, GM lead introduction of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) standard for grid integration of electric vehicles.

UK explores impact of gamification on consumer V2G interests

A UK pilot has been launched to test how gamification can be used to influence EV owners into using vehicle to grid technologies, ensuring grid reliability. Ecotricity, Gengame, EnAppSys, Newcastle University and Northern Powergrid have...