climate change

Coalition announces 2021 projects to decarbonise transport and logistics

The aim is to sustain new green mobility models and to reduce the impact of transport and logistics on climate change.
energy storage

Advanced energy storage system to balance grid on Shetland Islands

As part of a decarbonisation drive, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks will partner with Wärtsilä to install an advanced energy storage system on the Shetland Islands.
energy storage market

Wartsila wins Duke Energy’s multi-state energy storage projects contract

Wärtsilä has been selected by Duke Energy for the engineering, procurement and construction of three battery energy storage facilities.
Europe coal

COVID-19 may end coal in Europe 5 years earlier says research...

Inflexible baseload coal will fade into Europe’s past more quickly than originally thought, with the pace of the transition being accelerated by more than five years.
Europe emissions

May sees renewable energy set a span of records in Europe

May approved to be a record month for renewables in multiple ways across Western Europe, with much of the continent’s energy provided by solar and wind, thanks to favourable weather conditions according to the Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab.
france rte

New five-year deal to help Hungarian utility operate ancillary services

Tatabanya Eromu Kft has signed a five year deal with Wartsila to automate its 18 MW grid balancing power plant in northwestern Hungary.

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