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Building resilience in water systems

Imagine a time when water utilities have to enforce dramatic usage restrictions or even shut off water to millions of customers. Some California citizens are already experiencing that future with electricity. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen in the water sector?

EIB funds first water and sanitation project in Brazil

COPASA has secured a €145 million loan from the European Investment Bank to improve water infrastructure in the state of Minas Gerais.
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UK consumers will pay more for water thanks to climate change

That’s according to the country’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), which suggests that as the UK’s summers become longer and hotter, the cost of managing and treating water supplies will increase.
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UK’s biggest water company announces shock CEO resignation

The UK’s monopoly water company, Thames Water has announced that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Robertson has resigned with immediate effect.
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Asia Pacific: Reasons behind 1.9% increase in water tariffs

Global Water Intelligence has released a new whitepaper analysing changes in water tariffs in the Asia Pacific region. According to the findings of a study...
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American Water raises tariffs to upgrade Indiana infrastructure

Indiana American Water has filed a petition with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to increase its tariffs to recover funds directed towards modernising water...

Cities renew infrastructure maintenance at discounted prices

The National League of Cities has renewed its partnership with home repair solutions provider Utility Service Partners to ensure cities' water and wastewater infrastructure...
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5.9% annual increase in water tariffs to meet Sustainable Development Goals

According to a new study conducted by water market research firm Global Water Intelligence, water tariffs will need to rise by 5.9% a year...

American Water’s subsidiary acquires City of Farmington water system

American Water Works Company Inc. (AWK) has announced that its subsidiary - Illinois American Water - has completed the acquisition of the City of...

California: Regulated utilities invest $645 million in smart water infrastructure

An analysis conducted by the California Water Association found that the largest regulated water utilities in California spent more than $645 million in upgrading...

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