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Data driven water conservation demonstrates savings

Texas water management software provider Banyan Water reports combined water savings of more than 18 billion litres over the past decade.

Louisville utility selects Itron to deploy 280,000 smart water meters

Itron has been selected by Louisville Water Company to modernise the utility’s water distribution and management processes.
London water leaks

Utility finds 3 million litre-per-day leak in central London

Thames Water has found and repaired an underground pipe in central London which was causing upwards of 3 million litres of water to be lost per day
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Smart utility cuts leaks by 40% and field budget by $8,000

The City of Safford has partnered with Sensus to improve the efficiency of utility operations and customer services.
Thames water

UK’s biggest water company announces shock CEO resignation

The UK’s monopoly water company, Thames Water has announced that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Robertson has resigned with immediate effect.

UK water utility uses Uber drivers to find leaks

UK water utility Severn Trent outsourced part of its leak detection to Uber drivers, sending drivers out to find leaks during a series of trials.

Canadian utility pilots AI and analytics to reduce leaks by 60%

In Canada, Utilities Kingston has selected Rezatec to reduce water leaks within its distribution system. Utilities Kingston is piloting the firm’s artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics to optimise its leak detection activities. The solution will provide...

DEWA automates metering for 80.6% of Emirates customers

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has installed smart meters to 80.6% water metering points in the Emirates.
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Cities renew infrastructure maintenance at discounted prices

The National League of Cities has renewed its partnership with home repair solutions provider Utility Service Partners to ensure cities' water and wastewater infrastructure are maintained. Under the programme, launched in 2010, residents whose cities...
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UK’s largest utility fined for failing to reduce water leakages

Thames Water will increase its investments in infrastructure to help reduce water leakages following a study conducted by UK Water Services Regulation Authority that revealed very high leakage rate and the utility's failure to...