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hydrokinetic energy

Pilot project harnesses hydrokinetic clean energy from Florida gulf stream

An offshore demonstration by OceanBased Perpetual Energy LLC and the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), has demonstrated implications for a future of clean energy derived from Florida's...
China wave energy

China launches giant wave energy turbine near Wuhan despite COVID-19

The Chinese seabed off the coast of Wuhan city is now host to a mammoth 500kW tidal stream turbine, installed over the last 18 months, near the epicentre of the global COVID-19 outbreak that has seen renewable energy projects delayed or stricken.
DOE wave energy

US DOE announces $22 million in marine energy funding

The US DOE Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) has announced a $22 million funding opportunity to support foundational research and development (R&D) by non-federal research institutions, and expanded testing capacity to advance the marine energy industry.
Scotland wave energy

Work starts on new Scottish wave energy prototype

Work has begun on a 30-tonne wave machine which will take to the seas this Autumn. Fife-based fabricators AJS Production Ltd will begin fabrication of the 20-metre long Blue Star wave energy converter, designed by Edinburgh start-up Mocean Energy.
Wave energy

Global ocean energy has risen ten-fold in a decade – report

Global wave and tidal stream energy production has risen ten-fold over the last decade, according to a report issued today by Ocean Energy Systems (OES) whose annual report shows energy produced from wave and tidal stream sources surged from less than 5GWh in 2009 to 45GWh in 2019.
Wave energy

New wave convertor to be installed off Scottish coast

Malin has won the contract, offered by AWS Ocean Energy, to install a half-size version of their Archimedes Wavesing power generator.

Industry giants join forces in ocean-based renewable energy coalition

An international Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition has been formed to advance sustainable deployment of ocean-based renewable energy.

A surge in wave energy activities is expected in 2020

OES is predicting strong advances in ocean energy in 2020, driven by public and private sector funding.