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UK domestic demand response trial demonstrates 25% savings

The government funded FLATLINE trial has demonstrated that homes can reduce energy costs while also providing balancing services for the national grid.

Lightsource Labs to deliver flexibility to GB network operators

Lightsource Labs, a subsidiary of Lighthouse bp, is to deliver 1.8MW of flexibility to UK Power Networks and 15kW to Western Power Distribution.

National Grid signals exit from gas

National Grid is to strengthen its position in Britain’s electricity market and exit gas in the £7.8 billion (US$10.9 billion) deal.
Western Power Distribution

First residential flexibility pilot launched by Western Power Distribution

British network operator Western Power Distribution has launched its first flexibility pilot targeting residential customers.

Flexibility advanced in GB market by Western Power Distribution

GB network operator Western Power Distribution reports continuous short-term flexibility trades and partnership with Flexitricity in Electric Nation V2G trial.

Western Power Distribution launches digitalisation strategy

Western Power Distribution is working to use digital technologies and improved data management to transform its network operation and deliver net zero.
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World’s first of its kind flexible energy procurement project

Western Power Distribution and National Grid are testing coordinated energy procurement by using Centrica’s Cornish Local Energy Market.
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Western Power Distribution launches IntraFlex with NODES and Smart Grid Consultancy

Western Power Distribution has launched IntraFlex, a new innovation project with NODES and Smart Grid Consultancy.

Ofgem welcomes Western Power Distribution’s contribution to consumers

Ofgem has welcomed a move by Western Power Distribution (WPD), an electricity distribution network operator (DNO) to voluntarily return £77 million of its price control funding to consumers. This follows the Government’s decision to reduce...