California wildfires

PG&E agrees to $11 billion in compensation for California wildfires

The settlement approved the court for California’s Northern District has according to PG&E, been agreed to in principle, and will cover 85% of insurance claims related to the 2017 Northern California Wildfires, and 2018 Camp Fire, that left towns like Paradise in ashes, and claimed over 100 lives.
california wildfires

California proposes storage incentives for wildfire-vulnerable residents

A $100 million storage incentives scheme to assist a new kind of energy-vulnerable consumer.

PG&E vegetation management found lacking

California utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), which has been blamed for some of the state's most devastating recent wildfires, failed to cut back or remove thousands of trees which posed a threat to powerlines.

Insurers, owed billions by PG&E, file utility takeover plans

Insurance companies contending that Pacific Gas & Electric owes them more than $20 billion from wildfire claims want to take over the California utility and pull it out of bankruptcy.

PG&E kick-starts daily aerial patrols against wildfires

The US utility has started daily aerial patrols to spot wild-fires across thousands of miles of its territory. PG&E...
PG&E Wildfire fund

PG&E’s wildfire victims fund approved by judge

Pacific Gas & Electric Corp. has been granted approval to establish a $105 million fund to help survivors of recent California wildfires started by the utility's equipment.
California wildfires

Modular, scalable microgrid ready for commercial and industrial customers

Two companies have come up with a potential solution to help mitigate power outages in California. Recent state utility proposals have called for new measures that would allow California utilities to increase the quantity and duration of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) as part of their wildfire mitigation plans.

Wildfire liabilities push PG&E towards bankruptcy filing

PG&E will file its business for bankruptcy protection as it faces billions of dollars in liabilities related to fatal wildfires.

PG&E notes patrol findings along wildfire route

Pacific Gas & Electric has sent a letter to the California Public Utilities Commission supplementing its earlier report on damaged infrastructure

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