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Bangladesh will not meet 2020 renewables goal says Wood Mackenzie

Bangladesh will not be able to meet its 2020 renewable energy goal but will rather double its fossil fuel imports, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Vestas sets a new world record in wind energy installation

Danish original equipment manufacturer Vestas has become has a new wind energy installation record by installing 11.3GW in 2019.

Eastern Australia: Investments in renewables continue to plunge through 2021

Investments in renewable energy projects will continue to decline in Eastern Australia through 2021, according to Wood Mackenzie.
Asia pacific renewables

150GW of renewables projects in Asia Pacific at risk – report

The latest research from Wood Mackenzie shows that up to 150 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar projects across the Asia Pacific could be delayed or cancelled over the next five years if the coronavirus-led recession extends beyond 2020.
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Global EV sales to drop by 43% says Wood Mackenzie

Wood Mackenzie predicts that global sales for electric vehicles to decline by 43% between 2019 and the end of 2020.
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US: Coronavirus to delay utility-scale solar projects even in 2021

Wood Mackenzie predicts the ongoing COVID-19 crisis could negatively impact on US utility-scale solar projects even into 2021.
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Global solar PV set for major drop due to COVID-19...

As the world economy faces severe economic disruption, Wood Mackenzie has downgraded its forecast for 2020 installations from 129.5GW to 106.4GW, a reduction of 18%.
Energy storage covid-19

COVID-19 could derail energy storage growth says Wood Mackenzie

If coronavirus containment measures continue to curtail movement of goods and people through Q2 this year, alongside an economic downturn, the market impact could trim Wood Mackenzie’s 2020 global energy storage deployments forecast by 19%.
Solar coronavirus

Coronavirus will impact global solar supply chain – Wood Mackenzie

It is unclear how soon the travel controls will be lifted. If they remain in place, production from Chinese manufacturers will be reduced.

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