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Southern California Edison energy storage

Europe’s energy storage pipeline not enough to meet net-zero obligation

Europe is set to lose the global energy storage race if governments do not start incentivising flexible power through renewables auctions.
solar energy

Global solar PV installations to hit 115GW in 2020 – report

A new report released by Wood Mackenzie states that global solar PV installations will increase by 5% in 2020 compared to 2019.
technology solar

Tech innovation and lower CAPEX to reduce solar module costs

Wood Mackenzie states that solar module costs will continue to fall in the 2020s owing to technology innovation and lower CAPEX.
mining and energy transition

Massive investments required in mining to accelerate the energy transition

Wood Mackenzie says more than $1tn is required by 2035 for the mining of five key metals required to accelerate the energy transition.

China requires $5 trillion to reach 2060 carbon-neutral goal

China requires over $5 trillion of investments to reach its pathway for carbon-neutrality by 2060, according to a new study released by Wood Mackenzie.
Energy storage

Global energy storage deployments to record 31% growth despite 2020 slash

Wood Mackenzie predicts that the global market for energy storage systems will record a 31% growth through 2030.
climate change

Renewables, green hydrogen and CCUS key to Paris target

A new study released by Wood Mackenzie states that achieving goals set under the Paris Climate change agreement remains a herculean task.
wind energy market investments

Southeast Asia requires $14 billion to expand wind energy market

Wood Mackenzie highlights that Southeast Asia requires $14 billion in investment by 2030 in order to expand its wind energy market.
solar pv

US solar pv market continues to drop due to COVID-19

The US solar pv market continues to decline due to COVID-19 related disruptions with the country recording a drop of 6% in Q2-2020.

Critical technologies to deliver UK’s integrated net-zero energy system

A new report highlighs the critical technologies needed to deliver an integrated net-zero energy system on the UK Continental Shelf.

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