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Atria Power and Azelio partner on energy storage in India

Azelio and India’s Atria Power have signed a MoU to collaborate on installing over 65MW capacity of Azelio’s energy storage until 2025 in India.

Hydrogen refuelling project to advance Australia’s green transport sector

Hydrogen supply lines to Australia’s zero-emission vehicle industry have been strengthened, with a new deal signed by Australian gas company Coregas, Hyundai and Jemena.
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ENGIE refuels the world’s first renewable hydrogen passenger train

The train is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which produces electrical power for traction. It emits only water and steam during operation, representing a clean alternative for the regional government looking to replace diesel fleets.
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Building resilience in water systems

Imagine a time when water utilities have to enforce dramatic usage restrictions or even shut off water to millions of customers. Some California citizens are already experiencing that future with electricity. Who’s to say it couldn’t happen in the water sector?
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Washington state Senate vote in favour of national EV programme

In Washington State, the Senate has voted in favour of the national Zero Emissions Vehicle programme .
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Greta Thunberg to travel to UN Climate Summit – by racing...

Greta Thunberg will cross the Atlantic Ocean from the UK to New York in a racing yacht to attend the UN Climate Action Summit in New York

UK falling far short of net zero targets – report

The UK Committee on Climate Change call for stronger policies, as current policies are progressing too slowly to mark significant change.
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UN report predicts “Climate Apartheid” for the poor

A UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human rights has predicted a “Climate Apartheid” that will see tens of millions of people impoverished, displaced, and hungry, even if climate change targets are met.
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UK government launches new Net Zero Carbon Taskforce

The UK government has launched a new Net Zero Carbon Taskforce to motivate businesses to adopt sustainable practices and address climate change.

Over 30 companies join EV100 initiative

According to the Climate Group’s first EV100 annual progress report, 31 companies have now joined the international initiative.

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