Con Edison enrolling National Grid customers in new community solar programme


US utility Con Edison through its energy services arm Con Edison Solutions is registering customers of National Grid to participate in its new community solar programme in Massachusetts.

Consumers who enrol will pay a lesser amount to Con Edison Solutions as a subscription fee, but will get a discount on electricity costs from National Grid owing to energy produced from the community solar programme.

To enrol, Massachusetts National Grid customers can visit:

Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses has developed, owns and operates a new 4.3MW solar installation on a site in Northampton Massachusetts.

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Con Edison took the concept from the Massachusetts Green Communities Act, which was fully developed under the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target or SMART programme.

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Lorena Tavlarios, managing director at Con Edison Solutions, said: “Con Edison Solutions is committed to bringing renewable energy to Massachusetts and to offering those who may not be able to consider solar, like renters, the opportunity to support the development of solar power.

“This community solar program will provide participants with the satisfaction of positively contributing to the environment in their community while saving money on their electricity.”