Queensland Urban Utilities has issued an Invitation to Offer (ITO) for a software and infrastructure upgrade to its existing SCADA Platform, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and Telemetry Technology (including switchboards).

The upgrade will incorporate the adoption of ClearSCADA software as the preferred SCADA operating software across the QUU Service Area.

The project focuses on the following key business areas:

SCADA platform:

Standards and templates for Water and Wastewater Network SCADA systems only; base ClearSCADA platform deployment; change management and training of systems; and a phased roll out to regional and urban network sites.

SCADA infrastructure:

Upgrade or replacement of obsolete networks technology that has been identified to date including: regional switchboards, regional RTUs and regional communication systems; installation of a limited number of 3G modems within existing urban communication systems.

System integration:

Services, as required, to combine the components into an integrated solution comprised of the new platform; as well as new and existing infrastructure and QUU’s wider interfacing systems.

Software licenses (optional):

As required to deploy new ClearSCADA solution.

Deadline for submitting proposals is 3 August 2018.

Point of contact:
Chris Clark
phone 3855 6112