Tender: France’s La Poste Group interests in Green Corporate PPAs


Call for sourcing for the study and implementation of a green corporate power purchase agreement (GCPPA).

La Poste Group’s energy strategy includes a component relating to controlling its energy consumption and reducing its carbon footprint.

Since 2016, the electricity consumed by the la Poste Group (committed to the RE100 initiative) is 100% guaranteed of renewable origin.

This step allowed the group, and all members of the consortium, to integrate the importance of traceability and the nature of the electricity consumed. To continue these steps, since mid-2017, Poste Immo has launched experiments to study photovoltaic self-consumption. This approach makes it possible to develop new means of renewable production adapted to consumer behaviour.

After these tests, there will be the question of a possible deployment. In addition to the self-consumption axis, the group is looking for solutions through GCPPAs (electricity from renewable sources or possible biogas solutions).

All of these actions should respond to a desire to “derail” the group against the volatility of the energy market. La Poste Group’s consumption amounts to 550 GWh/year in electricity and 500 GWh/year in natural gas.

Electricity is used for the operation of the building and sheltered processes, as we as for a part of transport linked to the charging of electric vehicles (10% of electricity consumption).

For natural gas, it is essentially heating. In view of a strategy of “de-risking”, the question arises for the group to have, over time, a hedge with self-consumption and GCPPP in significant proportions.

One of the currently imagined schemes could be the integration of GCPPP volumes into energy supply contracts. Energy suppliers would bear the responsibility of balancing the whole. They would also bill the integrated GCPPA volumes. Other schemes are possible.

The group seeks, through this solicitation of the market, all types of actors able to support the group in this process (consulting firm, producer, aggregators, suppliers …).

It is specified that energy suppliers or balance managers can also help with the maximum benefit limits, the most optimal risk allocations and any contractual conditions that may be added in future framework supply agreements.

Renegotiated energy current 2021 (for electricity) and current 2025 (for natural gas). It should be noted that, for electricity, the next subsequent contracts for the bundle of supply from the distribution network will cover a period of 2022 to 2024 for segments c2, C3 and c4 (75% of consumption) and 2023 to 2025 for the c5 segment (25% of consumption).

Interested stakeholders may submit in their response:

  • A presentation of the company and its position on the GCPPA market,
  • Its main references on the subject in France, in Europe or in the world, ideally quantified.
  • A letter of intent summarizing the recommendations of solutions adapted to the group’s GCPPA strategy (1 A4 page maximum)
  • A technical memorandum detailing the service. Depending on the services / offers offered, the interest to act for Poste Immo will be precisely argued (a summary analysis of the type strengths / weaknesses-opportunities / threats or other will be appreciated). 

Applications may be sent to:
Valérie Bogard
General Management
Poste Immo,
111 boulevard Brune, 75610 Paris Cedex.

You can address any question prior to the delivery of your file, to:
Estelle Orlikowski: estelle.orlikowski@laposte.fr and
Valérie Bogard: valerie.bogard@poste-immo.fr

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