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Global Smart Energy Elites 2019

Get your personal copy today! Decentralisation and renewable technologies, combined with digital and communication models, are enabling society to shift towards a sustainable future. This edition...
Solar COVID-19

US solar companies call for action from Congress on COVID-19

554 US solar companies have sent a letter to the US Congress underscoring the impact COVID-19 is having on the solar industry, via industry body, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).
China COVID-19

Renewables set to win during China’s COVID-19 lockdown

Renewables' non-dispatchability and preferential status in China's power system are allowing them to grow while power demand declined during the COVID-19 lockdown. IHS Markit expects this trend to continue as the world continues to fight the pandemic.
US solar jobs

US: Five ways COVID-19 could derail renewables

Although COVID-19 can strengthen the call for resiliency and distributed renewable generation, there are at least five ways that the disease could ruin renewables in the near-term.
EMEA coronavirus

EMEA utilities will remain resilient during pandemic says S&P

The credit quality of European utilities is likely to be more resilient to the effects of COVID-19 than many other sectors, says S&P Global Ratings in a new report, "EMEA Utilities Should Withstand COVID-19 Better Than Most Sectors".
renewable energy demand

Europe: Demand for renewables outstripped supply in 2019

The growth in renewable energy demand outpaced renewable energy supply in 2019, according to new statistics from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB).
PG&E bankruptcy

PG&E to plead guilty to 84 counts of manslaughter for 2018...

The utility announced it had reached a plea agreement with the Butte County District Attorney’s office, saving PG&E executives from prison sentences, but with a $4 million fine imposed.

US utilities working with authorities in COVID-19 efforts says ESCC

Investor-owned electric companies, public power utilities, and electric cooperatives in the US are working together to protect the energy grid and ensure continued access to safe and reliable electricity during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

Coal-fired plants find new life as data centres and clean energy...

As coal-fired power plants become uneconomic and are shut down for good, a new sort of recycling industry is taking shape: the repurposing of those plants.

Ed’s note: THANK YOU!

The Ed’s Note today has one purpose - to spotlight an initiative started by our colleagues in our European offices. It’s a chance to say Thank you! to the men and women who are keeping our utility services running during what is the most challenging time we have faced globally.
utilities decarbonisation

Electric utilities among decarbonisation leaders says report

The report found that the low carbon transition “is well underway in some sectors such as electric utilities, shipping and paper, while oil and gas and airlines lag significantly behind in carbon performance”.

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