On the 23-rd of July 2007 ADD GRUP’s distributor in Sweden, TC Connect, has signed a new contract for the installation of an AMI project.

15 000 metering points belonging to the Swedish utility “Karlskoga Elnät AB” will be equipped with ADDAX IMS electricity meters. With reliable communications via the MV network, the project will have low installation costs and will prove economical efficiency during operation.

“Karlskoga Elnät AB” is also one of the first utilities in Sweden to integrate heat meters into the ADDAX IMS system. 2 300 heat meters will be integrated into the same AMI system, together with the electricity meters. The integration is performed with the help of a special communication device AIU (ADDAX Interface Unit), developed by ADD GRUP. AIU allows integration of heat, water and gas meters of other manufacturers into one system.

With data transmission purpose AIU can be equipped either with PL-modem or RF-channel that allows data transmission via LV PL or radio frequency. The AIU will communicate with the Center trough the routers, used in the electricity metering system, which allows avoiding the fees for the use of GSM/GPRS channels.

The installation has already started and will go on till the end of the year 2008.