2007, November, 1 ADD GRUP has presented the concept of the seventh version of ADDAX IMS


During the exhibition Metering & Billing/CRM Europe 2007 in Vienna ADD GRUP has presented the general concept of the new, seventh version of ADDAX IMS. The presentation of the new version can be found here. The main principle of the seventh version is the support of DLMS/COSEM over TCP/IP by all devices in ADDAX.Net. Besides, ADD GRUP continues to enlarge the possibilities of data communication through MV-networks. There is a growing interest of energy distribution enterprises regarding MV-communications due to its functionality and cost efficiency.

Also within the conference Metering Europe 2007 Jan Berglund, AMR Manager of Swedish utility company Jämtkraft, has presented a report about the implementation of AMI solutions by SAMS consortium.