4 MT Petroleum Tank Truck Meter


Neptune’s 2" Type 4-MT is an excellent choice for truck mounted metering of liquid petroleum products. The 2" aluminum body flowmeter comes complete and ready for installation and is ideal for both single and multi-meter applications.
The standard 4-MT Petroleum meter comes with:

  • Strainer
  • Air release valve with adjustable float linkage for fine tuning when split compartment testing.
  • Back pressure valve
  • Auto stop valve for preset delivery
  • Preset and print register

Type 4MT Petroleum Tank Truck Meter Features

  • Compact and weight efficient
  • Removable measuring chamber for ease of maintenance
  • Time proven auto-stop valve?the industry standard
  • Oscillating piston with hard, low-friction Nituff Teflon ? impregnated coating for long life
  • Greatly enlarged air release improves performance
  • Weights and Measures approved worldwide
Type 4MT