General Description

The Teridian 71M6511 is a highly integrated SOC with an MPU core, RTC, FLASH and LCD driver. Teridian’s patent pending Single Converter Technologytm with a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, 3 analog inputs, digital temperature compensation, precision voltage reference and 32-bit computation engine supports a wide range of residential metering applications with very few low cost external components. A 32kHz crystal timebase for the entire system and Internal battery backup support for RAM and RTC further reduce system cost.

Maximum design flexibility is supported with multiple UARTs, I2C, power fail comparator, 5V LCD charge pump, up to 12 DIO pins and in system programmable FLASH which can be updated with data or application code in operation. Easy conversion to ROM offers unprecedented cost structure for high volume applications.

A complete array of ICE and development tools, programming libraries and reference designs enable rapid development and certification of TOU, AMR and Prepay meters that meet worldwide electricity metering standards.


  • < 0.1% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range (71M6511H version)
  • < 0.5% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range (71M6511 version)
  • Exceeds IEC62053 / ANSIC12.20 standards
  • Voltage reference < 10ppm/°C spec (71M6511H version), < 50ppm/°C (71M6511 version)
  • Three sensor inputs—VDD referenced
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • 21 bit delta-sigma ADC
  • Independent 32 bit compute engine
  • Low jitter WH and VARH pulse outputs
  • 40-70Hz line frequency range
  • Phase compensation (±7°)
  • Battery backup for RAM and RTC
  • 22mW @3.3V, 7.2µW battery backup
  • Flash memory option with security
  • 8-bit microcontroller (80515)
  • Integrated ICE for MPU debug
  • High speed SSI serial output
  • RTC for time of use functions
  • Two event counter/timers
  • Watchdog timer, power fail monitor
  • LCD driver (up to 128 pixels)
  • Up to 12 general purpose I/O pins
  • 32kHz timebase for RTC, CE, and MPU
  • 64kB FLASH or ROM, 7kB total RAM
  • Two UARTs for IR and AMR
  • Third software UART via DIO pins
  • 64-lead LQFP package
  • Lead Free package option