71M6513/ 71M6513H


General Description

The Teridian 71M6513 is a highly integrated SOC with an MCU core, RTC, FLASH and LCD driver. Teridian’s Single Converter Technology™ with a 21bit 2nd order delta-sigma ADC, 6 analog inputs, digital temperature compensation, precision voltage reference and 32 bit computation engine support a wide range of polyphase metering applications with very few low cost external com-ponents. A 32kHz crystal timebase for the entire system and internal battery backup support for RAM and RTC further reduce system cost.


  • < 0.1% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range (71M6513H version)
  • < 0.5% Wh accuracy over 2000:1 range (71M6513 version)
  • Exceeds IEC62053 / ANSIC12.20.
  • Voltage reference < 10ppm/C spec (71M6513H version), < 50ppm/°C (71M6513 version)
  • Six sensor inputs – VDD referenced
  • Four-quadrant metering
  • Voltage angles — phase sequence
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • 21-bit delta-sigma ADC
  • Independent 32-bit compute engine
  • Low jitter Wh/VARh pulse outputs
  • 40-70Hz line frequency range
  • Phase compensation (7)
  • Battery Backup for RAM and RTC
  • 22mW @3.3V, 7.2W back up
  • Flash memory option with security
  • 8-bit MPU (80515) – 1 clock cycle per instruction
  • Integrated ICE for MPU debug
  • LCD driver (168 pixels)
  • High speed SSI serial output
  • RTC for time-of-use functions
  • Two event counter/timers
  • Watchdog timer
  • Power fail monitor
  • Up to 22 general purpose I/O pins
  • 64kB Flash or ROM, 7kB RAM
  • Two UARTs for IR and AMR
  • Third software UART via DIO pins
  • 100-lead Exposed Pad LQFP package (epLQFP)
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