General Description

The new 71M6521 product family represents Teridian’s second generation electricity metering technology for cost sensitive residential applications. This SOC device is footprint compatible with 71M6511, integrates AFE, MCU, RTC, FLASH and LCD driver but offers lower cost 8/16/32 KB FLASH options, more I/O, advanced power management and tamper detection. Teridian’s patented Single Converter Technology TM with a 22bit 2 nd order delta-sigma converter, 4 analog inputs, digital temperature compensation, voltage reference and flexible 32-bit computation engine meet all current and evolving metering requirements worldwide with minimal external components.

Low system cost is supported with 2 UARTs, I 2C/μWire EEPROM interface, battery monitor, power fail monitor, neutral current or magnetic tamper detection, program/data FLASH, mask ROM option and operation with capacitive power supply.

Teridian’s large portfolio of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial metering offers OEMs a compreshensive array of ICs, tools, reference designs and above all a unique ability to differentiate their products in the market. 


  • < 0.4% Wh accuracy over industrial temperature and 2000:1 current range
  • Four analog inputs
  • Exceeds IEC62053 / ANSIC12.20
  • Voltage reference < 40ppm/°C
  • CT, Shunt or combination
  • Wh and VARh pulse outputs, up to 10kHz
  • Internal pulse counting
  • 40-70Hz frequency range with phase compensation ( ± 7 ° )
  • 8-bit MPU (80515), 1 instruction/cycle
  • 2kB MPU Data RAM
  • 0.5KB CE Data RAM
  • 8, 16 or 32 KB FLASH with Security
  • Mask ROM option
  • Real Time Clock (6521D/F models)
  • Temp. sensor for RTC compensation
  • Battery backup for RTC w/ Battery monitor
  • Sleep, LCD and Brownout power modes w/ wake-up on push-button or timer
  • Fast wakeup into brownout mode (<400µs)
  • Internal battery monitor
  • 32Khz or 4.19Mhz crystal options
  • Two event counter/timers
  • Watchdog timer, power fail monitor
  • 3.3 Volt LCD driver
  • Up to 152 pixels (in 68 pin pakage)
  • Up to 18 DIO ((in 68 pin pakage)
  • 32kHz or 4.2MHz selectable crystal
  • Two UARTs for IR and AMR
  • 38KHz IR modulation option
  • 64-lead LQFP or 68-pin QFN package
  • Lead Free package option
  • Modular S/W library with additional options/features